Sunday, January 6, 2013

Need To Get This Off My Chest

  Okay...okay...maybe some distasteful humor for a title on this post, but it's fitting! I have something that I feel like needs to be said. Though people may not say anything outright, it is very transparent when they disagree with my prophylactic mastectomy choice. There is a definite tone change when I tell people I am most likely BRCA negative. I guess some assume since I do not have the BRCA mutation, that I am fine...or I should not worry.

  Not trying to be doom and gloom, because it's not really how I feel about my choice, but just because I am not BRCA positive, doesn't mean I am not at risk. To me, I am even more uncomfortable not knowing what is in my family history that causes this. I could possibly have something in my body that is (at this point) undetectable, until I get cancer (as the geneticist put it). According to my family history, there is something going on, especially since my own mother (closest relative) had breast cancer.

  I am not being a hypochondriac, I am not being drastic, I am not seeking attention. I am purely choosing to remove my breasts. The only reason I have decided to open up about this is because there are so many women that are in the same exact position as I am, and if I could just possibly save one persons life, then I have done what I intended. I strongly encourage genetic testing. It is so scary at first, but it could save your life. Whether you are BRCA negative or positive, whether you have a family history of any cancer or disease, please consider having it done. It can't really hurt, can it?

  Anyway, if you can't handle my reasons for my choice, or you don't agree with it...just think of it as me having implants. It's a lot more socially acceptable for women to have implants these days...if it helps YOU get through this, then just think of it as me getting a new perky pair.

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  1. Katie, I got the same reaction from my sisters of all people - only one sister supported me. That was after I had already been diagnosed in one breast and gone through chemo. They kept telling me "if they were me". Well when they go through I've gone through, then let's talk about what you would do. I did a prophylactic on the other breast, had reconstruction and never looked back. No mammograms, no worries. Absolutely the right decision for me. You do not need to defend yourself or your choices. -- ginny