Monday, January 14, 2013

A Documentary! Really? Me?!

  I was at a loss for words when Kelly contacted me, asking if I would be interested in doing a documentary. Literally, speechless. I couldn't believe that some actually even thought this was important enough/ or I was even interesting enough to do a documentary on. I am all for having this journey I have said before, even if I can help just one person...then I did what I wanted to do by being so open.

  I found Kelly months ago while Josh was deployed and was absolutely obsessed with her photography. It's hard to find a good photographer where I am at. There are so many women that get a camera and automatically call themselves a "photographer" around here. I can honesty take better pictures with my iPhone than some of the pictures I have seen promoted. Kelly has work that is stunning and super cool! It's not only her work that is amazing though...she is so down to earth. When she asked if I would be interested, it was a no brainer. I knew she was probably the only person I would be comfortable enough having follow me so closely (and intimately, really) during all of this. In just the short time that I met her for Josh's homecoming, she makes you have fun...she lightens up an atmosphere for sure.

  She has already shared ideas with me in regards to following and documenting this..and I cannot wait to see the magic she makes out of it. Maybe her photography alone can influence someone to make this lifesaving choice (someone like me, with the same bunk genetics).

  If you want to check out some of her stuff, her website is:


  1. i think you are amazing girl. Im honored.

  2. Yes! I think it is an amazing idea. this is such an important topic. It scares people. Tackle it, ladies.- Jodi

  3. Who woudnt want to document you!! Your such an amazing person!!