Thursday, September 12, 2013

My First Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure

    I was asked by another Previvor to join the FORCE team in this years Susan G Komen Race For The Cure. This is the first time that I am doing any sort of walk for Breast Cancer. See, the thing is, I never wanted to do it before. I didn't mind donating, but, most of the time, in a situation like that, the sadness seems to overpower the happiness. This year, I am stronger and have a much different state of mind. I can't always be mad at breast cancer...I mean, I can, I hate it...but, it gets me nowhere. By joining the FORCE team, I feel like we can get the word out even more so, about the genetic aspect of breast cancer. Maybe the right people will see our team....maybe just one person will consider genetic testing due to a strong family history. Maybe we can help save someone else.

  I have to learn to get over my sadness, hatred, and bitterness toward breast cancer. These people...they AREN'T breast cancer. They may have it, they may know it, but they aren't breast cancer. They are bigger than breast cancer...their fight is bigger than breast cancer. Though I may have that silly lump in my throat most of the time, or even break down and cry like a baby, I am finally giving in. I want to do everything I can to support the people affected by breast cancer. It's high time I get over myself and my fears or sadness around anything breast cancer related. What message does that send if I can't even be around people with breast cancer, all because I get angry that it took my Mom and my Grandma, right from my very own eyes? I'm putting my big girl pants on and supporting those, just like my more bitterness. It's about standing up to breast cancer. I can do this. I can continue my journey in making breast cancer smaller than me. I am walking because I want to show breast cancer that it can't take everything away from me.

  I am linking my page/the teams page. By no means do I want anyone to feel obligated to contribute monetarily, but, I do ask for strength that day. Lord knows, I might need it.

I am also linking you to the FORCE website. This was the first "home" I had when I decided to stand up to breast cancer, and go for my prophylactic mastectomy. 


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