Thursday, January 17, 2013

Surgical Oncology Appointment!

  Finally got home from our trip to UNC. They decided not to do any imaging today. Right now it's not needed as I am still nursing (for two more days). We met with a nurse practitioner and the surgical oncologist at 1 pm. It's exactly what I hoped for, they were compassionate and concise. Because I am nursing Em, we have to wait about four months to let my breast tissue get back to normal.  My next appointment is on March 27th for a mammogram, a pre-op appointment with the surgical oncology NP, and the plastic surgeon. At that point, we will be scheduling surgery...around 30 days out. So, it looks like I will be having surgery around the end of April, beginning of May. Honestly, this is EXACTLY what I wanted. I will be healthy and 100% able for Brody's third birthday on April 5th! Now, it is time to get my butt back into shape and lose the ten pounds I have gained since Josh has been back! By the time I get back to my ideal weight, get everything organized for the kids (since I won't be able to be super mom while recovering), and get myself situated it will be time for surgery!

  I am impressed with the kindness these amazing doctors show. Honestly, they are some of the best in the world, and they are still so sweet. It's comforting when a doctor sits next to you and actually isn't afraid to put their hand on you to reassure you that everything will be great. My doctor does a PM at least once a I know he has experience. The only thing I had weighed as an option was having a nipple sparing mastectomy, but because of my family history, the doctor and nurse practitioner strongly advised against it. So, looks like I will have "Barbie" boobs for a little while. It's cool though...what little girl didn't want boobs like Barbie when they were younger? Maybe I'll have some fun with my new nipples?! Maybe star shaped? Hearts? This could be interesting! Okay, most likely, I'll have some created so it looks "natural"...but you never know!

  Thank you all again for all of your support. I literally cannot put into words how thankful I am that so many people are behind me in this. The more we get the word out, the more people we can possibly save. Right now PM's are a bit "taboo" honestly...I hate that. I want everyone to know that they have this choice! "Foobs" are much better than boobs, if it means you may save your life! Literally, SAVE THE WOMAN!


  1. very exciting! so glad it went well!

  2. Excited for the good news!! And my step mother had her nipples "sculpted" for her after her pm, and they look even better than real ones, perfectly symmetrical and all! Lol.

    -Jacqueline Ogilbee

  3. I'm just finding your blog thanks to Jodi, and I think what you're doing is amazingly brave. I'm the same age and very close to my mom, so I cannot imagine having gone through what you have....((HUGS)). I'm glad you're at UNC though! My hubby has had 3 surgeries there now, and the doctors are amazing. We will be praying for you and your family!